Why you should be involved

This is an opportunity for you to easily launch an inspiring after school robotics program with minimal cost or time spent on your side, we will take care of most of the heavy lifting.
You are already dedicated to preparing children for an exciting future, this program will help you extend this objective.
The future of robotics is unfolding before us, however our children are ill prepared to compete in this new world. We need to do our share to help address this shortcoming in our education.
Many forward thinking schools and colleges are already offering robotics programs, through this partnership you can join this group of innovators.
Offering Robotics training will enhance your brand image, to both parents and children, as a forward looking institution.


Enhance your brand as Innovator

We are approaching only a limited number of marquee institutions, yours will be promoted as a member of this marquee group.
FutureRobotist will promote your school on our website as one of the forward looking educational institutions:

  • Increased awareness of your institution through our social media
  • Continued engagement of your institution with parents and their extended families because our unique follow-up programs will continue to engage students through our online education portal.

Increased awareness may translate into increased enrollment for your other services
The after school program will be one more valuable and convenient service that you will offer to parents.
Students engagement and enjoyment during after school period is increased