Robotics Camp

Our robotics camps are cool!

Upon arrival to camp, the Future Robotist is presented with a brand new, shiny box that contains the complete kit for building a robot! At the end of the 5 days camp session, the Future Robotist will take home a fully functioning robot that was assembled and tested by the Future Robotist. During the five day camp, the Future Robotist learns about basic engineering and science principles that are applied to make the robot work.

The level of detail and specific science, math and technology topics that are covered during the robot build and test process are aligned to the age group of Future Robotists and are designed to introduce and reinforce subjects covered by their school curriculum.
An added bonus of the one week program is the set of additional fun projects and extension projects the Future Robotist will take home to continue the exploration process! Online forums that is exclusive for Future Robotists is available for continued interaction with other camp mates and to solve problems, answer questions and get inspiration to do new projects.

Robotics Camp

We offer three levels of Robotics Camps

  • Beginner: for ages 11-13
  • Intermediate: for ages 12-14
  • Advanced: for ages 13-16

Future Robotists who complete the advanced courses and active participants in the community forums can apply to join our community of volunteers, teaching assistants or instructors.