How the program works

We provide a turn key package of online training platform that is supported by educational materials, robotics training kits, and student workbooks
We train and certify your own instructor(s) who has an interest in teaching this program
We provide the teacher with complete instructors manual and access to our online teacher platform
You select the candidate teacher to be trained and certified
You provide classroom space for 10-17 students, no special equipment is required
You send program information to parents who may be interested to register their kids in the program
We handle all registration processing online
Parents pay registration and purchase the robotics training kit
The revenue generated from registration fee should cover any additional remuneration for the teacher and any incidental costs of running the program. The proceeds, net of expenses are payable to your school.



The first step is for you to send a simple online survey, to parents with students in grades 5-8, to find out if there is enough interest to launch the program We have prepared an online survey package that you can simply send out via email If there is enough interest from parents (a minimum of 10 and max 17 students per class) only then will the school makes a decision to proceed with the program. The next step is to ask parents to fill out our online application to reserve their spot Official registration and fee collection takes place at beginning of the term Teachers receive a training package and attend a certification training workshop prior to delivering the course.

Our AFTER SCHOOL program

Currently offering a one hour per week after school program to for students in grades 5-8
Registered students will be provided access to the online learning portal to access resources, exercises and standardized tests
Curriculum engages students in several areas of play/study:
Mechanics (pulleys, levers, gears, etc)
Real-world components (sensors, controllers, buttons, motors, etc)
Basic electronics (circuits, voltage, current, etc)
Each session offers additional fun and game activities
At the end of the term, the parents can attend the "show and tell session" where they can see the robot assembled by their children perform a number of challenges!
Similar to music/art programs, our FutureRobotist programs are designed with an online studies and certification test component with "Robotist Achievement Levels" that students can continue to work on between classroom sessions.
When a student arrives at the class, they are presented with a kit that they will build during classroom sessions and take home at end of term!!
The program is designed for continued engagement education beyond the classroom, each kit uses industry standard components that the students can build on at any electronic or hobbyist shop.
For each camp, the kits are designed to allow the students to complete a number of activities, including one signature project that they take home with them.