Robotics is the next big wave of growth and technological innovation. It will soon start to permeate every aspect of our lives. The impending massive growth of the robotics industry will offer massive opportunities for those students with aptitude and interest in robotics. Unfortunately, our current educational system in North America is woefully inadequate and behind the times when it comes to preparing our children for what the future has to offer in this booming industry.

As parents and educators we must do all we can to offer our children an edge and opportunity. was created to address this gap in our education system. As parents and educators, we must do all we can to offer our children the edge they need to succeed in the brave new world of robotics.

We are a community of parents, educators and who are passionate about sparking the interest of our Future Robotists. Beyond the initial sparking of interest, we want to offer a fun, friendly and supportive environment for continued learning and advancement in robotics.

We have a variety of robotics camps and education sessions to match a variety of needs and schedules.

Each camp is designed with the following objectives in mind:

Fun learning environment

Educational, reinforcing science, maths and technology subjects that are taught in schools


Future Robotists always return home with a working robot that they can show and tell to all friends and family.