About Us

FutureRobotist is a community of parents, educators and students who are passionate about inspiring, educating and preparing our next generation to become leading experts and participants in the rapidly unfolding world of robotics. We are a highly experienced team of engineers, teachers, and technology geeks who are passionate about educating our next generation. We have put together a unique learning experience that is fun, exciting, and accessible to children of all ages. The principals have over 60 years combined engineering, software development, teaching, and entrepreneurial experience. Our combined resources and our collective experience in driving innovation and solving problems will be applied towards the success of this program

Our Vision

Inspire and educate large numbers of the next generation of engineers, scientists, and FutureRobotistsTM.
Develop and continually enhance the most exciting and comprehensive robotic curriculum that will inspire and educate children from both sexes, at young ages (grades 5-8).
Deliver a powerful, integrated learning; that is anchored on our online learning platform, supported by in class, instructor led exercises, and reinforced by independent experimentation using robotics kit that the child will take home
Use our unique robotics kits as a "do & learn" teaching platform. Platform uses industry standard components that will allow your FutureRobotistsTM to extend their robot designs to wherever their imagination will take them.
Through industry and government partnerships, we aspire to make our after school programs affordable and accessible to every child that needs and deserves the opportunity.